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Why Buy Printer Supplies from IMS Inkspot?

With over 100 years of accumulative experience in the printer supply business and a staff deep in knowledge both in the manufacturing and identification of product I believe IMS is well positioned to help our customer in a variety of ways.  Efforts to keep ahead of what’s developing in the industry, yet staying conscious of the environment and at the same time keeping watch over our own production is only part of our management teams challenges.  In a continuing effort to provide our customers with an inexpensive quality product IMS excels.  With trips to the orient, testing of Oriental and other manufactures product IMS is constantly keeping its pulse on what’s happening.  It’s a constantly changing world and industry with products improving and changing all the time and to that end IMS in ever watching.  This is why when you ask “Why US” we .answer confidently because of our efforts “That’s Why”.